Business Capital Loans


Where Should You Go for Business Loans for Small Business?

You put your life into your business, hired and trained staffers who worked in synchronicity to achieve your goals, and then COVID-19 hit. Perhaps your enterprise was shuttered for months, maybe your industry was adaptable, and you had the opportunity to branch out, or maybe now you just want to assemble a new team to increase your territory and profits. When you turned to your long-time commercial bank, however, you were told they do not offer business finance loans to small businesses. Where does that leave you when you need business capital loans to continue?

Turn to Milestone Capital Funding. We offer quick funding to businesses in any industry who qualify. We are not looking for a perfect credit score, just demonstrated revenues of at least $50K monthly. For those companies in and around metro areas, that number is easily achievable. There are other lending criteria; just visit Milestone Capital Funding for more information. When you are looking for an honest, dependable company to secure business loans for small businesses like yours, it is time to get to know us.

At Milestone Capital, you can expect:

  • Full transparency – that means no hidden fees
  • Lower interest rates than our competitors
  • Swift decisions and capital in your account within 24 hours of our decision

Some of the hardest hit companies last year were in the trucking and transportation, construction, and restaurant sectors. Right now, even in some hard-hit sectors, business is booming again: chiefly in conveying goods along the supply chains, home and industrial building and renovations, as well as restaurant expansions. Across our nation, companies of all sizes are looking for business finance loans to continue to grow and thrive. But why turn to the commercial bank that rejected you when you needed one of their business loans for small businesses? After all, their criteria hasn’t changed.

Do not feel rejected or hopeless if your bank has turned you down for their business capital loans program. Their criteria is different from ours at Milestone Capital Funding. We look at your business’ big picture- where it is now, and where it needs to be to continue rebounding. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at (516) 204-1741, and we’ll get you started on the path to continued business success. Call today!