Medical Practice Loans

Four years of college, then four years of medical school, followed by three to seven years as a resident learning your specialty. In short, it took at least ten years or more to achieve your status as a fully-licensed medical doctor. Along the way, you doubtless accrued debt, including loans for college and medical school. Now to set up or refurbish your practice, where will you find the money for new equipment, a lease, staff, and furnishings – especially if your FICO score has taken a hit from all those school loans.

You may have considered seeking medical practice financing from the bank you’ve used for years. What you found was that they might not loan sufficient funds, required extensive documentation for the application, charged a nonrefundable fee, then after as long as 90 days or more could deny the loan altogether. Back to square one.
What are your options to secure financing for your business? Come to Milestone Capital Funding instead.

We’re experts in assisting doctors and medical practitioners to obtain medical practice loans quickly and at terms that work for your business and your budget. Our financing professionals can help you to determine if a term loan, equipment financing, and/or Small Business Administration-supported assistance is the right fit for your needs. Equipment financing is simple: the equipment itself acts as the loan’s collateral. Determined by what type of equipment you require, up to its full value can be financed. This way, you can receive your medical equipment finance loan with little or no down payment.

Staffing and office furnishings can be financed via a business loan. There are numerous options, and Milestone’s financial professionals can guide you to determine the best fit for your practice. When it is time to apply, know that our financing application is one page long. We do not require a stellar credit report, either. There are revenue criteria, and we’ll want to see the last 90 days’ bank statements, along with confirmation that you are not in arrears on any existing loans. Your application receives immediate attention and a prompt decision. Approved medical practice financing funds are deposited into your business account within a day.

For quick applications, considerate criteria, prompt decisions, and terms that suit your budget, speak with our medical practice loans financing professionals at Milestone Capital Funding today at (516) 204-1741 or fill out our online form.