Restaurant Business Loans

Just three years ago, your bistro, café, family buffet, coffee shop, or fine dining establishment was your baby. Patrons lined up around the block to sample your cuisine, and your business was well on its way to achieving greater success. Then the pandemic hit, and across town and across the country, restaurants were shuttered, some for good. When restrictions were lifted and customers again returned to your address, things were not the same. Perhaps the closures caused your well-trained staff to move on. Or your Michelin star chef left for greener pastures. Perhaps you survived by opening a food truck. What didn’t leave were financial obligations, and with them the stressful search for possible restaurant loans as the solution to your mounting money burden. However, your banker could not offer workable options. It’s time you got to know the financial professionals at Milestone Capital Funding.

Why? We can work with you to obtain the restaurant business loans your establishment needs not only to get back on its feet, but also to thrive. What do you need the money for? Will a small business loan help you to afford the kitchen supplies needed every day? What about using the funds to keep seasoned staffers and a renowned chef on payroll (and thereby supporting their families). How will you attract new customers? Consider professional marketing strategies to get the word out that you are not only open for business, but better than ever! Could financing or leasing new equipment improve your operation’s efficiency? Talk to our financing professional about restaurant loans. We’ll work hard to assist you to receive the funding your business vitally requires, right now.

What will it take to help your business to not only stay in business, but to grow to the next lever? Restaurant business loans will allow you to work with new vendors to expand your menu and increase revenue. Need more inventory to support catering? What about replacement serviceware, cutlery, and glasses? You can even opt to use restaurant loans to leverage a great price for top quality commercial kitchen equipment grades such as a new oven, a sous vide machine, even new pots and pans and a dishwasher!

Let the Milestone Capital Funding team show you how to obtain financing quickly and affordably. Our application takes minutes and will not negatively impact your credit score. We invite you to speak with our Funding Specialists today at (516) 204-1741.