Retail Business Loans

For brick and mortar retail businesses, boutiques, and those great stores that line the Main Street of every small town, the last two years have been tough. Keeping your doors open, your shelves and racks stocked, and your premises staffed have made retail business owners into retail warriors. Now that travel and other restrictions are being lifted, consumers are again returning to browse the aisles of your shops. Perhaps during the pandemic, you expanded your empire to include online sales. That in itself was a challenge due to global supply chain issues, but now you are ready to expand and upgrade your enterprise. Where is the best place to obtain retail business loans so that your company not only survives against its competition, but gains new customers and market share?

Speak with the financing professionals at Milestone Capital Funding. We offer a wide range of options for your business requirements from fast retail business loans, equipment financing, loan consolidation, and business capital funding. You will not find the reception you experienced at your local bank where small business loans applications go on for days, require significant profits, major collateral, as well as a flawless credit history, then take weeks, possibly months for a decision.

No. At Milestone Capital Funding, our financing application is a one-pager. A spotless credit report is not a requirement, either. Your annual revenue does not have to rival a big-box store, nor is the expectation that you’ve been in business for generations. For all retail business loans, we do ask for the last 90 days’ bank statements among other criteria, and of course, that you are not in arrears with any outstanding loans. Makes sense, right? Apply and you will receive a prompt decision. Once approved, your financing will be deposited in your business account within 24 hours. Terms are clear and payment plans that suit your needs are available.

Your business has made it through the hard times. Now partner with Milestone Capital Funding to ensure that your initiative is recognized with the financing your business needs to continue to attract consumers and repeat customers.

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