Technology Business Loans

You’ve moved from a ‘genius idea’ in college to a startup and now to a viable technology business. Few industries need to keep up with the latest advancements than in your field, however, and now your firm needs a cash infusion not only to move ahead but to maintain your competitive edge. Problem is, when you’re looking for technology business loans, most traditional financial institutions will not appreciate those credit card advances you took to launch your dream, nor the crash to your credit rating when you were unable to pay on time. There is, however, a solution…

Whatever your current financial requirements, to recruit more employees, pay monthly overhead bills, or to acquire the latest technology and software upgrades to support your business, turn to Milestone Capital Funding. Our financial team looks at your big picture. We do not get mired in your financial past to the exclusion of your firm’s promising future. We work with you to help you to receive the funding required to move your business forward. Why will you use your financing for? Technology business loans may cover expenses such as overhead: monthly expenses such as payroll, taxes, utilities, and rent. To not only stay in the game but to move up, use your working capital loan to buy new computer equipment, pay for software upgrades as well as network security systems. Appearances are everything. Will new premises in the commercial district of your town impress potential clients? You bet! The pandemic has also impacted and influenced the way business owners are required to transact business. Consider using your financing to become regulation-compliant to avoid fines and business disruptions.

Take the first step. Once approved, qualified applicants can receive up to $1 million in their account in hours. At Milestone Capital Funding, our loan criteria is more flexible than at traditional financial institutions. Your application process will take minutes, and applying will not impact your credit score. You’ve come too far not to make the right financing decision to increase your chances for future success.

Technology business loans are a key aspect of our business. Talk to the financing professionals by calling (516) 204-1741 or submit your application online today!