Business Capital Funding

Where Can I Go for Business Capital Funding Services?

Business loan funding used to be a simple matter of making an appointment with your local banker, filling out an application, shaking hands, and waiting for the loan committee to approve your financing. In recent decades, however, that scenario faded, and now most small to midsize business owners are unable to get funding for business from traditional financial institutions. Those who do qualify must wait possibly months for an approval, and there may be additional delays until the funds are made available to them. Capital funding services, which are not banks, are becoming more and more popular as they welcome businesses of all sizes and from nearly every industry coast to coast. These funding sources do not have as stringent loan criteria, and best of all, offer fast approvals and faster funding.

When your business is in need of materials and supplies, new office equipment, or operating capital, contact Milestone Capital Funding. Our team has a business capital funding solution for every industry. While we do require revenues of at least 50K monthly, do not be concerned if your credit history is imperfect. For those who qualify, you’ll receive your approval within 24 hours, and your terms will be clear and transparent. Also unlike traditional lenders, at Milestone there are no prepayment fees or penalties. There is nothing to lose. If you are not certain you meet our business loan funding criteria, know that applying will not impact your credit score, so what are you waiting for?

Smart business owners have learned that the fast track to business capital funding is by making the call to Milestone Capital Funding. Our team does not work on commission, so you’ll receive the lowest rates possible. There are many other advantages to securing your business loan funding from us. For more information, submit our form, or give us a call today at (516) 204-1741.