Working Capital Term Loans

For a business to make money, it has to have money. Need more equipment for your business to grow? Is it time to expand to keep up with demand? How about having an extra financial cushion for your business and your own peace of mind? There’s a loan for that! To purchase ‘fixed assets’ such as equipment, a new facility, or need the business flexibility a quick cash infusion provides, banks and financing companies offer term or working capital term loans. This type of working capital financing ranges from loans for the short term, generally from a year up to 18 months. Another option is the intermediate loan, which can be extended up to 36 months and requires payment in monthly installments drawn from that company’s cash flow. There is yet another type of working capital funding and that is a term loan that runs three years or more, and uses company assets as its collateral. This loan requires monthly or quarterly payments, again from the firm’s cash flow or profits.

When you speak with us at Milestone Capital Funding, you’ll always get a straight answer. Typically, our clients looking for working capital financing want to gain a full understanding of how our Term Loan Service works. They learn that our term loans will carry either a fixed or variable interest rate, a maturity date, and the installment terms: monthly or quarterly. An additional consideration when applying for a term loan through Milestone Capital Funding will be the service life of the asset itself which can impact the loan’s repayment schedule.

One of the best reasons for applying for a term loan with Milestone Capital Funding is our transparency. There are no upfront costs nor hidden fees. We additionally offer a simple application process, terms that work for your business needs, and once approved, your working capital financing will be deposited into your business account quickly. Best of all, there will be no penalties if your business’ working capital loan is paid off ahead of schedule.

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